I am a Dallas-based wedding photographer with a passion for adventurous couples.

Meet Amy

I know it’s important that I introduce myself, but MAN it’s hard to write these things! So hey… I love life. I love seeing the world. I love.. well, people in love. The most rewarding part of my job as a wedding and elopement photographer is being present for so many gorgeous and gut-wrenchingly emotional moments between couples. I flip out at the chance to witness other couples starting their journey into the rest of their lives. I also am insanely addicted to dramatic scenery. So, combine all that awesome lovey stuff with gorgeous places around the world, and I’ve found myself convinced that there’s no better way to spend my time on this earth.

I’m influenced by the moodiness of my original home, the Pacific Northwest. I prefer mountains to beaches. Fog to sun. Lakes to oceans. I love whiskey, espresso and the scent of eucalyptus. My favorite car was a Jeep Wrangler. My favorite country is Switzerland. I can’t decide if I like dogs or cats more. I am a boy mom. My husband is both funny AND good-looking (score!) and if you ever meet him, please tell him thank you for being so supportive of this job that takes me all over the world. (He only gets to come along some of the time.)

You know what’s better than reading what I say about myself? Reading what other couples have said. Especially couples who were faced with the exact same “how on earth do I choose the right photographer” dilemma that you are probably dealing with right now. Here’s where you can ready what some of my couples have said in the past. Wedding Wire. The Knot.

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