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Jason and Jenna are smart kids. They knew it would be silly not to make the most of their time in Iceland, so they invited me around to different places on the island where we could get some really amazing frames. Despite the cold and almost constant rain, we rode horses, waded in the ocean, and explored the glacier lagoon. Jenna didn’t care if her dress got muddy. In fact, she specifically told me NOT to edit out any mud or dirt. What a beautiful way to show off this couple’s adventurous spirit. (Can you tell I’m ready to go back?)

This first group includes some of my favorites from our horseback riding session. It was raining, but we had a blast. So many thanks to the delightful people at Nupshestar. If I ever make it back to Iceland, I will visit them again.

Wedding Coordinating: Pink Iceland
Horse Farm: Nupshestar
Brides Hair/Makeup: Alison Jonell
Bride’s Boots: Sorel

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One of the most amazing sites to me in Iceland is the black beach. These are probably my favorite shots from the entire week. iceland-destination-wedding-d2-21iceland-destination-wedding-d2-16iceland-destination-wedding-d2-15iceland-destination-wedding-d2-14iceland-destination-wedding-d2-17iceland-destination-wedding-blackbeachiceland-destination-wedding-d2-18iceland-destination-wedding-d2-19blackbeach-copyiceland-destination-wedding-d2-22iceland-destination-wedding-d2-24iceland-destination-wedding-d2-25

The following morning, Jenna, Jason, Chantry and I traveled out to Jökulsárlón. What an amazing place.

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