i am: all or nothing. passionate. intense. quirky. a photographer. a musician. an artist. a wife. a mother to five boys.

i know: life is a journey, and no one gets out alive.

i want: tacos. to raise my boys to be happy and secure. to live in love.

i wish: texas summers were like seattle summers. knitting was considered exercise. my house was always clean. i was still 28.

i hate: broken crayons. mouth noises. the word “moist”.

i miss: mountains. my jeep. the Starbucks Christmas blend from 2011.

i crave: good whiskey.

i love:  medium format cameras. the northwest. steamed clams. estate sales. paper dolls. knitting. old furniture. new paper. a brand new journal. the smell of a bookstore. berber carpet. espresso. traveling. music.

i always: wear my hair down. tilt my head to the side when i look in a full length mirror. lose my car keys.

i am not: interested in sameness. into star wars.

i believe: in creating. in humanity. in community.

i dance:  with my boys in the kitchen.


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