Me and the six men in my life.

That’s definitely what I have. An irreplaceable and very impressive team. First things first, all of the young men in my life. I am surrounded by them. And I’m not trying to brag (although, I really should.. because they are the BEST five young men on the planet!) but it’s true. The crazy thing is that 2 of my 5 boys are now taller than me, and I’m an impressive 5’10”! My oldest son is 17, my youngest is 4, and there are three awesome kiddos in the middle. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for these guys.

The other crucial part of my team is my amazing husband. Chantry and I have been together for the past 9 years. He is a natural comedian, a lover of documentaries, a sketcher of trees, and a couch potato at heart. He’s also one of those people that can eat whatever he wants and never gain more than 2 pounds. If I didn’t love him, I’d hate him. Beyond all of that, Chantry is responsible for this artful, image-making life we share. He taught me to use my first DSLR when we started dating. Chantry has his own job that he loves like crazy, but he is still able to jump in with me on destination weddings and elopements when I need him. He has worked with me locally of course, but he also joined me in Iceland, St Lucia, New Orleans and Georgia. This year, he’ll be joining me in Italy and Switzerland. I love when we get to work together, and secretly (shhh) hope he jumps in full time when the boys get older. For now, he wins the award for “best dad” because he’s responsible for the 5 boys when I’m off adventuring without him. [Some of the images above by Nicole Riggs Photography and Brant Smith Photography.]



Well, I think it’s hard to write about yourself. Especially when you use images to tell stories. So I’ll introduce myself this way:

i am: all or nothing. passionate. quirky. a photographer. an artist. an ice chewer. a wife. a mother to five boys.
i want: tacos. to raise my boys to be happy and secure. to live in love.
i wish: texas summers were like seattle summers. my house could magically clean itself.
i hate: broken crayons. mouth noises. the word “moist”.
i miss: my jeep. my boys when i travel. the starbucks christmas blend from 2011.
i love:  the pacific northwest. steamed clams. estate sales. paper dolls. knitting. the smell of a bookstore. berber carpet. espresso. traveling. music. down time. good whiskey. iceland. eucalyptus. campfires. the fall. bridges. ferry boats. the color green. my boots. date nights. when the mail comes. seaweed salad. a brand new blanket.
i am not: a star wars fan. fond of floral scents. interested in sameness.
i believe: in creating. in humanity. in community. in experiences. in simplicity.