I am always honored to shoot a friend from my past. Josh and I went to high school together. We competed together as voice students and spent a lot of time at competitions and choir rehearsals. Josh is a couple of years younger than me, but he was one of my closest friends in high school for sure. (Not a lot of high school kids can swap Igor Stravinsky and Mozart jokes!) I am very happily anticipating his wedding this month. These two have been together for 10 years! It’s no secret that we live in one of the most anti-gay-marriage states in the country, so any chance I get to be a part of a same-sex wedding is always special to me. I like to think that maybe just ONE person who is on the fence about gay rights will see my images, feel a little bit of the love and commitment between the couple, and then consider that maybe people should always come before ideas and traditions and religious beliefs. I know my little corner of the web is tiny, but I’m proud to support gay marriage with it. I’m even prouder to support Josh and David specifically.  I can’t wait to see and document the celebration and ceremony they’ve put together. david-josh-blog-picks-8david-josh-blog-picks-24 david-josh-blog-picks-25 1david-josh-blog-picks-7 david-josh-blog-picks-9david-josh-blog-picks-15david-josh-blog-picks-14david-josh-blog-picks-163david-josh-blog-picks-102david-josh-blog-picks-34david-josh-blog-picks-23david-josh-blog-picks-19david-josh-blog-picks-20 david-josh-blog-picks-26 david-josh-blog-picks-28 5david-josh-blog-picks-29